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8th East Building Company has been registered as (private shares) in Mashhad Industrial Property and Companies Registration Office under No. 35219 dated 12/11/87. According to the resolution of the Extraordinary General Assembly dated 11/04/94, the capital of the company increased from one billion Rials to 150 billion Rials. Currently, Eighth Sharq Building Company (private shares) is part of the sub-business units of the Construction and Building Company of the National Pension Fund and the final business unit of the National Pension Fund.

100% of the company’s capital belongs to the Construction and Building Company of the country’s pension fund and its affiliated companies.

ساختمان آبشار چشم انداز
درباره ی شرکت

About Emarat Hashtom Shargh Building Company

This group has entered the field of activity by taking advantage of the capabilities of its engineers, specialists, experts and other employees in the direction of the development of Aziz Zaman. This company has looked at the issue of investment and technical-engineering services with a regional perspective in the eastern part of the country and extra-regionally, and hopes to achieve the necessary success with the help of Izad Manan Dargah in serving the country’s development and population and providing the welfare of the dear people.

The main center of the company is located in Khorasan Razavi, Mashhad, Piruzi Blvd , Delavaran Street.

The subject of the company’s activity according to Article 2 of the Articles of Association is:

Procurement and purchase of immovable land, including fields and nobles, for the implementation of construction projects, in order to mass produce housing and sell construction units, study and design and implement the construction of any residential, administrative, utility, commercial or construction projects inside or outside the country. , the preparation and production of materials and all equipment and construction machinery, either in the form of establishing a factory or buying from inside and outside the country in order to use or sell them, import and export of all kinds of goods related to the company’s activity and any type of contracting activity in the country and abroad, capitals of natural and legal persons and civil participation in the creation, construction, development and completion of construction and facility projects and industries related to them, transfer of units, buildings and construction facilities in the form of definite sale (cash-installments) and or trust or other ways, receiving and obtaining credit or any financial facilities or partnership with banks and other institutions and organizations that provide financial resources and pre-sale of constructions, all implementation activities of construction projects and other other matters related to the subject of the company.

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