The difference between interior decoration and interior design

The difference between interior decoration and interior design

Interior decoration is a job that does not require much knowledge and practical activities and primarily pays attention to aesthetics. Decorators usually do not involve themselves in reconstruction or structural planning. When the construction work is completed, their work begins and they focus more on the surfaces in sight.

However, there are courses for interior decoration that are mostly related to the study of building style, style of furniture and office furniture, room design and so on. Decorators specialize in transforming a room. They help the customer choose the style and theme they want. They also help the customer in choosing furniture and small decorations. Their job is to update or renovate rooms that need to be refreshed.

Decorators often work alone and do not have a close relationship with architects and construction contractors, as their work begins when the architects and contractors have finished their work. Hence there is no interaction between them. They are mostly associated with furniture makers, tailors, curtain makers, sculptors and other industry professionals.

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